Chapter One: Page Eight

Woo, got the page done this week!

Note to self: get better at drawing outer space, lol.

I'm not sure if the scene transition was too abrupt. If I ever go back and make changes for print or anything like that, I may add in another page between this one and the last one. I also haven't uploaded last week's finished page yet, so that can't help things much. Pretty much the gist of it is: Adrienne (whose name hasn't been said yet, but, well, that's her name) is at the old dude's (who captured her in the previous scene) funeral. Also, that old dude is the leader of something called the DeSaule Organization. That info will be visible in the completed page from last week once I finish it. Then, Adrienne is in a different location/outfit, punching a punching bag.

Thanks for reading! See ya nex week!

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Transmission Date: June 26, 2016
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