Chapter One: Page Five

Weeee. I really zipped through this page because I ran out of time to do it. I hope no one notices, lol.

I decided to go back to cell-shading, at least for now. I really like the look of more 'painted' pages, but it was taking up hours and hours of time I didn't actually have to spend on comics. So, I hope it looks okay. I actually think that spending a while making pages in a different style actually improved my cell-shading abilities. I have a better understanding of light and shapes. I will continue to 'paint' (I use that term loosely, since I don't really have a good name for what my coloring style actually is) my illustrations, but for comic pages, I really feel I need to go ahead with a more simple shading style.

I also didn't initially intend to make this page silly at first, but I was having some trouble getting motivated, and I found that making the characters have funny faces and actions helped me get through it. Like Samson. I love Samson, lol.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the page! The next page is the last one of this scene, at which point we will be transported into the present of the comic ~~~ Thanks for reading!

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Transmission Date: June 5, 2016
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