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  • Chapter One Cover! A New Beginning.

    Yes! May 1st has come, and The Sundown Boys commences updates once again.

    I'm excited and also a bit scared to put this new version out there. I've worked long and hard on the writing and art. I want to produce the best comic I can. If you've followed along with my journey all this time, I want to thank you. I know I've sort of flip-flopped around a lot in the past as I struggled with story and art issues that, in the end, could only be remedied by a complete overhaul. I hope this new, final version of The Sundown Boys will have something for everyone.

    If you're wondering what else you can do while you agonize for a week about what the next page will hold (or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part, haha), check out the time lapse I did of the making of this cover art. It's on YouTube!

    Click here to check it out! If you enjoy that video, you can subscribe to see any future videos I put out.

    Thanks for checking in with The Sundown Boys, and I'll talk to you all again on Sunday. :)

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    Transmission Date: May 1, 2016
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